NHS at 70: The Story of Our Lives is a culmination of research our director, Dr Stephanie Snow has been working on since 2007. Stephanie's research has been situated at the intersection of health, history and policy and her publications cover many subjects in the history of medicine including the introduction of anaesthesia to Victorian medicine and the history of the NHS. She is passionate about history’s public value and its power to transform our understandings of the present through exploring the past. Much of her work uses oral history to gather memories and reflections and through this she has the privilege of building engagement with organisations, communities and people across health and medicine. 

See Stephanie's research profile here.

NHS at 70: The Story of our Lives presents a new approach to NHS history distinguished by its oral history methodology, collaborative working and focus on aspects beyond policy, politics and institutions.

The NHS at 70 team have developed new research themes throughout the project and presented at various conferences.