What We Do

Based at The University of Manchester, NHS Voices of Covid-19 is a UK wide research programme developing a national collection of personal testimonies around Covid-19. In July 2020 we were delighted to be awarded a £1 million grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council , as part of the UKRI Covid-19 Urgency Call. 

This builds on the NHS at 70 project which since 2017 - supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund – had worked across the UK, recording over 1000 interviews with patients, staff, policymakers, and the public about experiences of health and the place of the NHS in everyday life and work. Since March 2020 we have recorded an additional 900 interviews focusing on people's experiences of Covid-19 and the NHS. 

All our interviews will be archived at the British Library in the oral history collections creating a permanent public resource of the history of the NHS and Covid-19.

Our collection is inclusive of patients, staff, policymakers, and the public - it represents the place of the NHS in everyday life and work. We work with stakeholders to draw findings from the testimonies to support the development of resources such as briefings, toolkits, and training that can inform policy and practice in the immediate post-Covid-19 period. 


Image of patient in hospital bed