Discover more about our current stream of work funded by the AHRC through the UKRI's Covid-19 rapid response call to develop a national collection of Covid-19 personal testimonies below.

The NHS has been part of everyday life in the UK since 1948. Covid-19 will stand as an extraordinary period in its longer history. The interviews we are recording now with NHS staff, patients, volunteers, and carers during the crisis will capture personal stories and reflections that will provide a unique historical footprint. These experiences will for inform policy and practice during the pandemic recovery period and a provide a rich research resource for future generations.




Discover more about our film, Covid Voices: a moment in time (2022)
Discover more about our contributions to research and policy on Covid-19
5 July 2021 marks the 73nd anniversary of the NHS. Over the past year, NHS staff have continued to care for thousands of patients suffering from Covid-19 as well as delivered the largest vaccination programme in history. Listen to voices from our collection reflect on this.
In 2020 the Government Office for Science asked the British Academy to produce a review on the longterm societal impacts of Covid-19. The project was invited to submit evidence and the report was published on 23 March. We're delighted to say our evidence features in the final report.

Covid-19 stories from Manchester's Jewish community
Professor Rajan Madhok moved to the UK in the 1980s to complete his medical training, intending to return to India after qualifying. However, he discovered his passion for the NHS.
Listen to interviewees reflect on when they first heard of the coronavirus, and what they expected at that point. 
Join us for a series of free, public, online events asking what should a national collection of Covid-19 personal testimonies contain?
We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a £1 million grant, as part of the UKRI Covid-19 Urgency call. The grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council will enable us to link up with the British Library’s oral history department to create a permanent public resource which will also inform policy and practice.
5 July 2020 marks the 72nd anniversary of the NHS. The anniversary offers a pause for reflection on what continues to be the most extraordinary moment in the NHS’ longer history, although the challenges of the public health crisis remain. Listen to voices from our archive reflecting on Covid-19 and the NHS.