Further Information for Website Visitors

NHS at 70: the Story of our Lives is a national programme of work supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and led by the University of Manchester.

We are recording stories from people who worked and were cared for by the NHS since its creation in 1948.

These stories will be available on our public Digital Archive, which can be accessed by everyone. The Digital Archive will provide a lasting resource for audiences to discover NHS history through the voices of the people who have worked and were cared for by the NHS since 1948.


Who is conducting the research?

It is directed by Stephanie Snow and a team of researchers at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine at the University of Manchester.

What is the research about?

We want to create a more diverse and inclusive history of the NHS than currently exists. The NHS was created in 1948 to provide free and universal access to healthcare and is a key institution of post-war British everyday life. It defines British national and international identity. It shapes the experiences of birth, life, health, sickness and death for the overwhelming majority of the public. It is the UK’s largest employer; around 1 in 35 of the current working population is an NHS employee. The lived experiences of workers, patients, volunteers and the public encapsulate a unique part of UK post-war social and health history.

The first generations are now in their 80s/90s and their experiences will soon be lost forever. The histories of many communities of patients and workers are absent from existing work. By making the history of the NHS more diverse and inclusive we will produce a shared national story about the NHS for everyone that can be taken into the future and benefit national and international audiences.

How can you help?

To make a more diverse and inclusive history we need your stories, memories, photographs and objects. We want to capture as many different voices and experiences as we can. After you’ve registered as a member on the NHS at 70 website you can upload text, images and/or recordings. The NHS at 70 website is fully moderated to ensure all material is appropriate. 

How will your information be used?

It is important that you know how your information may be used. All the information we receive will help us create a more diverse and inclusive history. With your permission, the stories, photos and/or recordings you contribute will become part of the Digital Archive where they will be preserved as a permanent resource for use in research, publications, education, lectures and broadcasting.

We will never use your information without your consent, and you can tell us how it should be used according to the following options.

You have the following options:

Use my name: You can tell us to credit you by name when we use your contributions on the website, in print, and in public.

Use a pseudonym: You can choose to use a pseudonym. The pseudonym will be the name used in the Digital Archive and the name attributed to your contributions on the website, in print, and in public.

What will happen to the data?

At the end of this project in 2020, the NHS at 70 website and Archive will be kept as a permanent record of the project for the benefit and use of future generations. All future use of your contributions will adhere to the same access and privacy conditions that you select now. If you have any questions about these options not covered in our FAQs page, please get in touch with the project team .